World class expertise, local care

We aim to deliver world class healthcare to our patients at Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital and 意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 Hospital in London. To do so, we combine world class expertise with leading healthcare that is local, patient-focused and friendly. 

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust delivers world class clinical expertise in:

  • liver transplants
  • kidney transplants 
  • breast surgery
  • plastic surgery
  • treating myeloma
  • neuroendocrine tumours

We also have a high level isolation unit for the treatment of contact high consequence infectious diseases such as Ebola.

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Liver transplants at 意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 

意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 Hospital is a major transplantation centre. In fact, it is one of only seven hospitals in the UK that performs liver transplants.  

Our world class expertise ensures that we are a hospital of firsts: we performed the first UK liver transplant between a live adult donor and the patient. We remain one of the few UK hospitals to perform liver transplants involving live donors. We also perform kidney transplants. 

Breast cancer treatment at 意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您

We were the first hospital in the UK, and the fourth in the world, to introduce a PET scan for breast cancer treatment.

Learn about Jackie, who had reconstructive breast surgery using tissue from her abdomen performed by our team at 意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您. The breast clinic at 意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 Hospital is staffed by three consultant surgeons who are supported by surgical staff and specialist nurses. The team includes clinicians, three specialist breast radiologists and two breast pathologists. 

Read more about breast surgery at 意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 and our experts in the field.

Watch more videos about our on 意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 London NHS Foundation Trust YouTube channel. 

Plastic surgery at 意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 

意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 Hospital leads the UK in plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery and is a national centre of excellence for facial reconstruction. The plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery team performs surgery including reconstructive ear surgery, hand conditions and skin cancer treatment. 

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Myeloma cancer treatment at 意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您

Myeloma, a bone cancer, is another of the types of cancer treated at 意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 Hospital. We have one of the largest myeloma cancer clinics in London and our lymphoma treatment is world class. 

意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 Hospital also has a pioneering neuroendocrine tumour unit with an international reputation. It was the first centre in the UK to be awarded the status of European centre of excellence.

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Our mission: excellence in healthcare, clinical research and teaching

Our mission is to be world class in terms of our innovative healthcare services, clinical research and teaching excellence.

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