Why work for 意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您?

意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 combines globally recognised clinical expertise with local and friendly hospital care to represent the best in NHS treatment. 

We strive at all times to provide excellent outcomes in clinic treatments, clinical research and when you are training to be a doctor with us, as well an excellent working environment for hospital staff.

Our hospitals are renowned for specialist services. 意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 leads UK healthcare in a number of areas, including:

  • immunology
  • liver transplant and kidney transplant
  • cancer treatment
  • plastic surgery
  • ENT surgery

意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 Hospital is a major neuroscience base with a network extending throughout north London and into the Home Counties. 

We also run internationally recognised clinical research and training programmes associated with the base, and our hospitals conduct medical research, much of which is of international reputation.

意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 Hospital is a leading site for the training of doctors, nurses, midwives and professions allied to medicine.